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Authentic Thai cuisine made with fresh ingredients


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I rarely have a bad experience with Luck Thai. They use a lot of vegetables in their dishes, which I appreciate, and that makes me choose them over other Thai restaurants. This time I decided to try the scallion pancake. I was surprised when it came in the form of little fried cubes. But inside was this delightful scallion filled soft rice based goo. Almost like a soft savory mochi. Absolutely delightful!


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Luck Thai is always super fast and delicious. They are one of my favorite places to order from. Theyve never been late or messed up an order. Highly recommend them!


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Sorry for others who had negative experience, mine was opposite. Delivery of food was quick, it was still hot and delicious.


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The best barbq pork ever! The taste is almost like a Philippine barbq! Hail to the one who marinated it! Looooove it!!!


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The curry pineapple rice was amazing best rice I've ever ate !!!!!

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Top Reviewer
Luck Thai is my go to favorite Thai place around here. I always get the curry whether it be red or green they are both delicious to me. Spring rolls are great (comes with 4). Ive experimented with vegetables, tofu and shrimp in the curry on different occasions and I have to say vegetables is my favorite.

I was expecting the tofu to be a little more cooked and it was quite soft (not for me) and the shrimp is small and not anything noteworthy. I would stick with veggies (if you are a vegetarian). Try adding extra veggies too!! Very good. I also love that they give you rice with the curry (for free) and its a decent amount of rice! For me, to finish the curry I usually need another side of rice.

Great portion size- I have leftovers for lunch the next day.


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This is one of my go-to's! Their lunch specials are hard to beat and I'm obsessed w/ their Rama peanut sauce. (PS They've been around for a while - and have always been good. Not sure why a new Seamless page appeared and the old one removed. In any case, always reliably delish!)


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I order from here time after time, and it never lets me down. I always order extra spicy beef drunken noodles, and man does this place deliver. It's probably my number one place to order from, based on price, portion, spice and how quickly this place delivers.


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Ordered the Beef pad Thai for the first time after having the chicken pad Thai over a dozen times. Its solid, and some bites of beef were actually delicious, but Id order chicken again 4/5 for the beef pad Thai. 5/5 for the rest of this place.


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I order from here so often and honestly, I have never had a bad meal. Food is always delivered hot and quick and always made to order. Never once has something been missing or the wrong thing delivered. One of my favorite spots on 5th ave.

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Luck Thai Offers typical Thai cuisine that is fresh and delicious. You can now enjoy the yums without stepping outside. Luck Thai restaurant welcomes you to the convenience of online ordering, take-out, and delivery all with the click of a button!